The deadline of final project is tomorrow, actually I have almost done.
But I still feel worried about it.

After the class, I always think Gloria's suggestions.

"If you feel that the project is diffieult for you, I will recommend you that don't go to the master degree.
The project of master degree is more difficult than you do now.
You have to pay more efforts than native speakers, because you are a foreigner.
However, there is another way to go except the master degree. Life changes all the time."

Maybe it is true, than I start to wonder that sould I really need a master degree in the future.
I just want a good level of English so that I can speak with native speaker fluently.
Actually, I don't need a master degree at all.
A mater degree cost my parents 10,000 pounds in one year, than I can't garentee that I will graduate or not.

Some friends say that once you are stressed, you will do better than you think.
It's true that everyone has potential to develop their ability.
But, I just wonder that do I have the potential indeed. I am not clever and smart, so can I do this such tough job in the future?

I always think that once I study hard, I can get good grades eventually.
However, It seems that studying hard doesn't make any sense now.
Except studying hard, I have to pay more efforts, maybe three or four times than others.
I can't speaking fluently, even If I try to.
I can't writing well in academic style.
I can't reading fastly as other classmates.
I just can listen and understand what the teacher says in class.

That is not enough for me. I need more.
Can I say that I want to go home right now?
Maybe I have to give a try, than I will know how small I am.
After trying, perhaps I am not suitable to be a leader.

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